By calling on the RAISON HOME network, you turn to professionals in the layout of the kitchen area who share the vision of the profession according to RAISON HOME.

All RAISON HOME designers are committed in writing to satisfy you beyond your expectations.

1. Listen carefully

Listening and understanding your expectations, your needs is my first concern. It is from the discovery of your needs that I will be able to do my work of advice and creativity.

2. Advise you on your different choices

My job is to help you design your kitchen, the one in which you will live for many years. To clarify your choices, I must advise you as best as possible on the materials, the layout, the household appliances and the quality / price ratios.

3. Present you with a personalized project that meets your needs

Since no two people are the same, no two kitchens are the same. The design of a kitchen proceeds from the search for an optimum in a large number of areas, while being in accordance with your needs.

4. Provide you with a detailed and precise estimate as well as technical plans

A kitchen is a whole. The estimate must be complete to avoid unpleasant surprises, detailed to properly describe the service, and accompanied by the technical plans, essential for installation and any additional work.

5. scrupulously respect the legislation in force

Whether in the areas of commercial approach or technical delivery, there are laws to protect the consumer. However, there are also standards and constraints in the area of ​​safety and ergonomics. Compliance with all these standards is an integral part of my service.

6. Be your single point of contact throughout your project, even after

When a client trusts me, he does it for the entire service. There is no question of handing over to a collaborator for follow-up. I am responsible for my quote until the kitchen is in perfect working order and in the years that follow.

7. Respect the announced deadlines

Whether for appointments related to the design or delivery and installation deadlines, you must have a guarantee of compliance with these deadlines in order to best organize your entry into your new kitchen.

8. Offer you quality products at normal prices without making false discounts

Within our network, we have selected furniture and appliance manufacturers for the quality of their products. I will help you to find in the whole of their offer the products which suit you. We buy these products at a firm and final price and we have assessed the margin necessary for the sustainability of our businesses. Also, we present you quotes at the right price without running the false discounts which only generate frustrations.

9.Systematically offer you a fitting service carried out by a skilled craftsman

The installation is the penultimate part of the service, the last being the verification and the starting of